1864 Sherman Map of Cobb County


This map was drawn in 1864, courtesy of Sherman's topographers surveying cobb county and in particular Big Shanty.

On the map it indicates local roads and local homeowners by name - standard military practice in the day.


Research Area:

Can use this map in the deed search for KSU East Campus, as a definite point in between the gap in the date of deeds we have on the area.

Also, cross reference this map with "1864 - The Battle of Noonday Creek" wikipedia article located on this site along with the deeds we have researched,  to figure out if any part of the KSU campus witness fighting during the Civil War.

This would mean that the area in question has probrobly been documented more extensively in ways we have not thus far looked into.

This would also add to the more interest in the EHAP site.


Get time line of deeds, with the names mentioned on the map as being a fixed point, and move from them backwards and forwards in time until the gap in dates of the deeds is closed.

Find more documentation about the possibility of the Civil War, having happened in or around KSU campus. This knowledge along with more research might explain the eratic change in deeds, that we have so far documented.




1864 Sherman Map of Cobb County
Top Eng. Office D.C. in the field
June 10-12, 1864
1" = 1 Mile
Scan Date: 
August 5, 1960
Current Location of Original: 
Map Division, Library of Congress